German Chocolate Puppy Chow

German Chocolate Puppy Chow


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Easiest snack to make and no cooking required, one can’t go wrong with a chocolaty bowl of puppy chow. YUM!

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Time needed

15 min preparation

Serving Size / Yield

4-6 servings


  • 5 C rice chex cereal
  • ¾ C white chocolate chips
  • ¼ C chocolate chips
  • 1 ½ Tbs milk
  • 1 C German chocolate cake mix
  • ½ C powdered sugar

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Add the rice chex cereal into a bowl.

Then add the cake mix and powdered sugar into a container with a lid.

Melt the chocolates together over the stove. Stir till it becomes smooth and creamy.

Once the chocolate has melted, add in the milk and stir till it thickens.

When the chocolate has thickened, remove from heat and pour it over the rice chex cereal. Toss to make sure that the cereal bits are well coated.

Then, transfer the coated cereal mix with the container with the cake mix and sugar.

Cover the container and shake well till cereal is well coated.

When it is done, dump the cereal out onto a tray for it to cool.

Once it has cooled, transfer into a serving bowl and enjoy!

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