Glycol Punch


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This is a non-alcoholic punch that everyone will love and the eerie yellow-green color is absolutely ghastly.

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  • 1 2 liter bottle Diet Mountain Dew
  • Fluorescent blue liquid (Kool-Aid, blue raspberry-flavored drinks)

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Pour soda first and then add blue liquid until it has an "evil" yellowish-green color to it. You know you've got it right when you get the sickly yellow-green of many Glycol-based Antifreezes. Plus, when you drink, it fizzes! Diet is necessary so that you don't over sugar people. BTW, we also tried other sodas, including Squirt, 7-up and Sprite, but none had that evil yellowness.

Variation: You can try Sprite, 7-Up or Squirt, but none of them have the same yellow color that the Mountain Dew has. 

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