Grilled Roast Beef


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An easy recipe to follow with very little ingredients. This is a healthy way of enjoying a great, garlicy grilled roast beef.

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  • 1 (5 to 7 lb.) standing rib roast
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 clove garlic

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Prepare a grill for indirect cooking. If gas, turn only one side on, or just the front or back burner, depending on grill's configuration. Placing an aluminum tray of soaked wood chips over flames to impart a wood flavor to meat is optional. If grilling over wood or Charcoal, build a fire on one side of grill only. Sprinkle meat liberally with salt and pepper. Cut the garlic clove and rub all over meat. If you want intense garlic flavor, cut slivers of garlic and use a sharp, thin-bladed knife to insert them into meat. Place roast directly on cool side of grill and cover. Monitor meat's temperature and keep fire alive, Checking every 30 minutes or so. Target internal temperature for meat is just over 120 degrees for rare, 125 degrees for medium-rare (meat's temperature will climb about 5 degrees after you take it off grill). A 5-lb. roast will be done in under 2 hours; a in just over 2 hours. Let meat rest before slicing and serving.

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