Next-Day Leftover Dessert Parfaits

Next-Day Leftover Dessert Parfaits


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Instead of continuing to eat that boring pie, why not spruce it up with this simple idea for a parfait? Serve the morning after your Christmas Eve dinner as part of Christmas Day brunch, and your guests will never know the difference!

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Time needed

10 min preparation

Serving Size / Yield

10-12 servings


  • 2 leftover pies (this is approximate, you can use pieces of a few but this is about how much you need)
  • 16 oz. vanilla yogurt

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Scoop the filling out of the pies and place into a bowl. If using two flavors pie, you can separate them and use them as different layers in the parfaits. 

Crumble the emptied crusts into another bowl. 

In small serving bowls, layer the crumbled crust, yogurt, and the filling. Repeat until each bowl is filled. 

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