Pukin' Pumpkin Cake

Pukin' Pumpkin Cake


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This sounds gross but it's a big hit with the kids on Halloween, and it's much easier to make than it looks.

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  • 1-2 box cakes, any flavor
  • 1-2 bundt pans
  • white canned icing
  • food coloring
  • black icing in tube
  • gummy worms,bugs,etc.
  • "googly eyes"
  • 1 regular ice crean cone
  • fondant or fruit rollup (red for mouth)

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This is really simple.Bake cakes in bundt pan according to box directions. If you use 2, cut just enough off the bottom one so it will sit straight. invert one of them onto the other, with icing to hold them together. You can use store bought icing too, just add food coloring to make it orange, and save a little uncolored for the "stem." The stem is made from an ice cream cone that is iced green. Once you have it assembled and iced,cut a circle out for the mouth, cover that with either fondant or fruit roll-ups. Shape it into the mouth and make it look like a tongue sticking out. For the "puke" I used gummy bugs, worms, candy corn, and the crumbs from where I cut out the mouth. I made the eyes using some "googly" eyes I found in the Halloween section of Wal-mart, and I used colored icing that you get in tubes in the store for the outline of the eyes . I know as you are "playing' with it you will come up with some of your own ideas.

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