Rhubarb Marlow


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Using stewed rhubarb to make this frozen dessert gives it a fabulous texture.

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  • 1 C. sweetened stewed rhubarb (see recipe below)
  • 24 marshmallows
  • 1 C. whipping cream
  • Pink coloring, if desired

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Heat rhubarb, add marshmallows, and stir over low heat until just melted. Cool. If mixture is very sweet, add lemon juice to give the desired tartness. Chill until thick and syrupy; then whip cream until stiff and fold into rhubarb mixture. Turn into freezing tray of mechanical refrigerator and freeze without stirring. If desired, whipped cream may be tinted delicately pink before adding to the fruit mixture.

Yield: 5 servings

Stewed Rhubarb


2 lb. rhubarb

1 C. sugar

2 Tbs. water


Cut off leaves of rhubarb and wash stalks thoroughly. Do not peel unless the skin seems particularly tough, as the skin gives stewed rhubarb its attractive color. Cut stalks in 1-inch pieces, add the sugar and water. Cover kettle and cook slowly until rhubarb is tender. Chill and serve plain or with cream.

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