St. Patrick’s Day Yogurt Parfait

St. Patrick’s Day Yogurt Parfait


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You can eat this yogurt parfait as a dessert for any occasion or make it especially for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

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Time needed

5 min preparation + 5 min cooking

Serving Size / Yield

1 serving


  • Mint cookies
  • 2 C. Vanilla yogurt
  • Green food coloring
  • Green sugar sprinkles
  • Whipped cream
  • A cherry for garnish
  • Optional: A coffee grinder (a fork or spoon will also do just fine)

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Start off with a parfait glass. Take approximately 1 C. of vanilla yogurt and place it in a bowl with one drop of green food coloring. You can add more for a brighter green color, if desired.

Take your mint cookies and grind in a coffee grinder or similar device for a fine crushed cookie mixture. If you don’t have an appliance on hand, simply use a fork or spoon to crush the cookies on a plate. Set aside.

Start off with a layer of vanilla yogurt. Use a spoon to place a layer on the bottom of the parfait glass. Even out with the bottom of the spoon. Then layer the yogurt you dyed green over the white vanilla layer. Take a spoonful of your crushed cookie mixture and layer on top of the green yogurt. Repeat all three steps, then top with whipped cream, green sugar sprinkles and a cherry for color.

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