Waffled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches


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Make these hot sandwiches in your waffle iron adds texture to the bread and makes a pretty presentation.

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  • 1 stick (1/2 C.) unsalted butter, softened
  • 16 slices firm white sandwich bread
  • 8 thin slices boiled ham (1/4 lb.)
  • 8 thin slices Swiss cheese (1/4 lb.)

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Preheat waffle iron on high until just beginning to smoke. Reduce heat to moderate and brush generously with some butter. Spread butter on 1 side of 8 bread slices and turn slices over. Top 4 slices with 1 slice ham and 1 slice cheese, folding in any overhang, then top with remaining 4 buttered bread slices, buttered sides up. Cook sandwiches in batches (number of batches will depend on size of your waffle maker) until bread is golden and crisp, 4-6 minutes. Assemble and cook 4 more sandwiches in same manner. Just before serving, cut each sandwich into 4 triangles.

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