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Recipe4Living is dedicated to fostering an online community interested in cooking, thinking, and living. Through reader feedback and contribution, we strive to create a meaningful space for people to come together and communicate about important topics ranging from the best cheesecake recipe to grilling tips to current trends in dieting. Recipe4Living understands that the best ideas come from a diverse community working together.

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Luis Rodriguez, Editor

As a lifelong Chicagoan, Luis Rodriguez has had the luck to be able to experience one of the best food scenes in the world. As a blogger, writer, and lover of everything related to food, Luis makes sure to put everything into his work. Luis also serves as the Editor of June Media’s other food site, Better Recipes, and or lifestyle and blogger site

So, can he cook? Of course! Growing up watching my mom cook and avidly watching the Food network, I learned how to cook and experiment in the kitchen by just going into the kitchen and doing what I thought would work, and watching every single episode of Iron Chef.

What is the best meal he has ever had? It’s hard to say since I’ve eaten so many different meals, but I would have to say it’s my mom’s signature rice. I come from a Puerto Rican household, so Arroz con Gandules is a staple at any and every meal, and I’m not complaining one bit.

Favorite restaurants: I’m easy to please, so when someone asks me my favorite place to eat, I could honestly answer Taco Bell. Though my honest answer would definitely be 21 Below in Chicago. They honestly have the best burger I have ever eaten.  

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