10 Delicious Brown Rice Recipes

10 Delicious Brown Rice Recipes

Skip over boring white rice, and try some delicious brown rice recipes today! Brown rice has an interesting flavor. It’s almost nutty in a way, plus it is way chewier than white rice. But the best part is that it’s more nutritious than its white counterpart. Try it in some pudding, soup or with some yummy chicken!

Brown Rice Raisin Pudding - Try mixing brown rice with raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla to make a great flavored pudding.

Brown Rice and Cheese - A pleasing side dish with chopped veggies, Cheddar cheese, and chopped parsley.

Brown Rice and Chicken - Brown rice is extremely nutritious and gives this crockpot dish a bit of texture.

Savory Brown Rice - Green onions, caraway seeds and cinnamon turn regular rice into an interesting side dish.

Mushroom and Brown Rice Soup
– This mushroom soup recipe uses instant brown rice to reduce cooking time!

Orange Vinaigrette Brown Rice Salad - This sweet salad has lots of nutrients from the brown rice and spinach. A healthy and filling side dish!

Curried Chicken and Brown Rice Casserole - So easy to make and freezes wonderfully as well.

Brown Rice Pilaf - This healthy side dish will please any palate!

Brown Rice Bowl with Shrimp, Snow Peas and Avocado - Serve the citrus sauce on the side or drizzle it over each bowl.

Spanish Brown Rice - Try this tasty and healthier version of Spanish rice!

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