10 Fabulous French Fry Recipes

10 Fabulous French Fry Recipes

We all know that French fries are everyone's favorite vegetable, right? Just kidding, but fries are seriously yummy and addictive. Instead of hitting up fast food chains for French fries, it's actually pretty simple to make your very own. Here are some of our favorite French fry recipes. We've got everything from your traditional fry to endless varieties of spiced and sauced fries! This is one food that you can't go wrong with!

Baked Low Fat French Fries - These fries bake, so they use very little oil, but they're flavored with so many spices that they taste amazing.

Cilantro French Fries - These flavorful spuds are perfect for parties.

Double Ranch Fries - A very quick and easy way to season up your fries. Serve them with ranch dressing and bacon bits.

Fresh Rosemary French Fries - A healthy take on a classic favorite! Great served with burgers!

Chili Cheese Fries - This makes part of a meal out of just French fries. Kids will love them; you'll like them because they are simple to make.

Sweet Potato Fries - This is a favorite of anyone who loves sweet potatoes.

Barbecue-Spiced French Fries - Ten herbs and spices combine to season these fries with the ultimate flavor.

Totally Tangy Baked French Fries - Southwestern flavors blend with spicy mustard for a zippy alternative to deep-fried fries. Feel free to increase the cayenne, red pepper, and chili powder if you like them spicier.

Spicy Fries on the Grill - These healthy grilled fries use much less oil than the fried kind.

Pizza Fries - This a popular dish that the kids love. The sauce can be placed on the fries before the cheese, but the fries won't stay crispy.


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