10 NEW Chili Recipes!

10 NEW Chili Recipes!

Our recent chili recipe contest has brought in a bunch of new and flavorful chili recipes, from the unique Thai fusion chili to a couple classic chipotle chili recipes. Check them all out, including the award-winning white chili! You won't regret it!

Lynn’s Lip-Smackin’ Chipotle Chili: The smoky chipotles in this chili give it an authentic yet subtle flavor that will have you going back for more. You can dress it up with sour cream, cheese, and green onions or make it casual with a side of cornbread or Fritos, but it can stand alone just fine.

Chipotle Chili ala Torres: Smoky spice from REAL chilies (not powder!) for sweet heat, but not too warm- can also be cooled with crema.
CONTEST WINNER: White Chili: In the midst of this cold and snowy December, this is one of my absolute most favorite comfort foods. It provides a different set of flavors than the typical chili recipe does, and it is so incredibly delicious.
Secret Ingredient Chili: Everyone is a big fan of my chili, but nobody can guess the "secret ingredient." My unusual chili ingredient is Spicy Bloody Mary Mix instead of water. It adds so much flavor in one easy step. I also like to use ancho chile powder. It's called chile ancho molido in Spanish. I finally found it in a Hispanic food market.

Chicken Fruit Cinnamon Mole Chili: This is a twist off of a Oaxacan type mole using chicken as the meat, and fruit with a cinnamon chocolate essence. Two types of chilies were used. I had purchased a package of dried fruit to use, but when I looked over the assortment the fruit was all pale. I wanted some darker fruit, too, so I added some dried cherries which had wonderful flavor. Crushed pineapple was added for sweetness, tomatoes for a base, and chicken stock as a standard.

Thai Fusion Chili: This is a spin on a traditional Southern-style chili with a Thai twist in seasoning and remarkable flavor! Drawing from cinnamon, dark chocolate, and vanilla, some unexpected flavors render an amazing dish.

Chili Caliente: With a little heat comes a tasty treat!

Quirky Turkey Chipotle Chili: This really is an effortless chili . Just add the ingredients and stir occasionally. The chipotle chilies in the adobo sauce are now more common in grocery stores, and that would probably be the only ingredient that is a little uncommon. Everything else should be readily available. This is a great tasting chili.

Southwestern Four Pepper Chili: This is a recipe I created for my family one winter evening and now it is a cold weather staple at our house! The flavors of spicy seasonings and the light sweetness of corn and the heartiness of chunky stew meat combine so well together to create this comfort food.

Red, White, and Black Vegetarian Chili: Some people say you can’t have chili without ground beef, but I say you can’t have it without beans—lots and lots of beans! The three kinds of beans give a variety of texture (and color) to the chili , while the tomatoes and green chilies make it saucier. This chili has a milder flavor, but you can always amp up the heat with a little more chili powder.

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