10 Spooky Halloween Party Recipes

10 Spooky Halloween Party Recipes

From a black Halloween punch to cheesy eyeballs, spook out your guests with these fun Halloween party recipes!

Halloween Party Recipes:

Monster Mash Party Mix - When you've got lots of screaming ghouls running around, this is an easy snack that will keep them still... at least for a short while.

Black Halloween Punch - Delicious! As it is with any Halloween punch, a frozen 'hand' adds just the right spooky touch! The combined colors make a delightfully scary look!

Halloween Crispy Marshmallow Ghosts - These fun treats are very festive without being scary. Children can decorate the ghost's faces to make them personal.

Cheesy Eyeballs - This is a fun Halloween party appetizer to really creep out your friends.

Vampire's Champagne - This would be fun for a ghoulish party, with glasses containing Sprite or sparkling cider, except hands will get sticky.

Halloween Duo Five Spice Chocolate Brownies & Orange Glazed Blondies - This recipe is a duo of chocolate and orange flavors with a twist. Five spice powder is added to the chocolate brownie to give it a complex flavor and the blondie is flavored with orange and includes an orange glaze. The combination is perfect for fall and colorful on the plate.

Haunted Gingerbread House - I start with an undecorated gingerbread house, then cover it with a variety of popular Halloween treats, including candy corn, marshmallows, and licorice.

Halloween Rocky Road Brownies - Marshmallows, nuts and fudge brownies make this a sweet Halloween favorite.

Dirt Cemetery - Cookie tombstones and whipped cream ghosts make a spooky and delicious Halloween treat.

Eerie Witches' Brew - A smoking cauldron of punch made with grapes and orange peel masquerading as eyeballs and worms.

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