10 Tasty Budget Cooking Recipes From Campbell’s!

10 Tasty Budget Cooking Recipes From Campbell’s!

Delicious, home-cooked meals don’t have to wear out your wallet if you use Campbell's soup to make them! These tasty dinners are quick, easy, and affordable- what more could you want?

Linguine with Savory Meat Sauce: This easy-to-make meat sauce is so much better than anything you'll get out of a jar...and it's ready to toss with hot cooked linguine in just 45 minutes.

Southwest White Chicken Chili: Got 30 minutes and a craving for good chili? Then get out your saucepan, because this chicken chili really satisfies.

Slow Cooker Fall Harvest Pork Stew: Slow cooking ensures meltingly tender results in this rich and satisfying pork stew packed with apples, butternut squash and parsnips...it's delish!

Chicken with Chipotle Cheese Sauce: You've just got to try this quick-cooking, sautéed chicken dish with a slightly smoky, kicked-up cheese sauce that's absolutely delicious!

Pork Tenderloin with Peach & Pecan Sauce: The three P's...pork, peaches and pecans combine to make this perfectly flavored, skillet tenderloin that's ready to serve in just 40 minutes!

Crowd-Pleasing Tuna Noodle Casserole: You won't believe how easy it is to make this classic casserole featuring that favorite combination of tuna, noodles, peas and cream of mushroom soup. This version serves eight, so everyone can dig in!

Chicken Enchiladas Verde: What to do with leftover chicken or turkey? These baked chicken enchiladas are the perfect solution...and they're so good, you'll want to make them again and again.

Best Ever Meatloaf: This perfectly flavored meat loaf stays moist and delicious because it's made with Campbell's® Condensed Tomato Soup.

Cheddar Penne with Sausage and Peppers: This simple skillet dish combines mac and cheese with sausage and peppers to make a family-favorite dish that's on the table in less than 45 minutes!

Beef & Mushroom Dijon: Sirloin steak is sautéed until just done, then simmered with a mixture of onions and mushrooms and a creamy Dijon-mushroom sauce made with Campbell's® Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup.

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