11 Lip-Smacking Gravy Recipes for Thanksgiving

11 Lip-Smacking Gravy Recipes for Thanksgiving

Since not everyone enjoys plain old turkey on Thanksgiving, gravy has become a fabulous way to give your bird some juiciness and extraordinary taste. Depending on your style, you can make tons of different types of delicious gravy. But if you’d rather skip searching for the top gravy recipes out there, just try one of the recipes below!

Giblet Pan Gravy - The gravy is best made over several hours or days. Complete step 1 while the turkey is brining, or up to 3 days in advance. Continue with step 2 once the bird is in the oven. Start step 3 once the bird has been removed from the oven and is resting on a carving board.

Savory Turkey Gravy - Simple and delicious! This turkey gravy recipe is just what homemade means.

Mushroom Gravy - This is a family and company favorite.

Biscuits and Gravy
- This is a delicious, really simple recipe for the most delicious biscuits and gravy you will ever taste! And, there's nothing to them!

Basic Turkey Gravy - This flavorful gravy is not too difficult and goes perfectly with any turkey recipe. Ideal for Thanksgiving!

Rich Brown (Fat-Free) Yeast Gravy - Watching your weight doesn’t mean having to cut out the flavor of gravy.

Basic Gravy - Use this recipe if you are ever need some gravy to pour over your chicken, turkey or beef. It is very simple and quick to make.

Dill Gravy - This recipe highlights the unique and delicious flavor of dill to its fullest!

Tomato Gravy - Try this gravy on chicken, turkey, or pork dishes.

Vegetarian Gravy - Excellent sauce to use over a nut roast or anything lentil.

Low-Fat Gravy - A simple sauce that goes well over any meat dish.

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