11 Zero-Guilt Indulgent Desserts

11 Zero-Guilt Indulgent Desserts

I'm not one to feel bad about eating dessert, but sometimes I should. Here's my collection of desserts that cut the carbs, calories, sugar, and/or fat. You can indulge but still keep off the bulge.

1) This jello pie is all around sugar free, but tastes just as good as the regular stuff.

2) This strawberry mousse is light [lite] and fluffy!

3) Fruit is a great way to get that sweet without the calorie heat! Try this fat-free apple crisp.

4) This chocolate buttercream frosting recipe is a great healthy subsitute to put on your next cake, brownies, or just to use as dip!

5) Again, we're using the natural sweetness of fruit to indulge in a sweet dessert. This grilled pineapple with honey (another natural sweetner!) is sinfully sweet.

6) This delightful fruit salad is treated with some cream cheese dressing to give you the perfect taste without expanding your waist.

7) This fruit leather is a perfect sweet snack for you, and for the kids while on the move.

8) With a perfectly flaky crust filled with yogurt, this simple fruit tart is tempting.

9) Homemade sorbet is sweet and tart but won't give you a sugar start. With fresh fruit, juice, and a little water and sweetner, this is nice and refreshing.

10) These super simple watermelon popsicles are 100% naturally sweetned and are made with just 3 ingredients!

11) These fried dough balls, called beignets, are made with a sugar substitute so you can enjoy them guilt-free!

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