12 Best Easter Egg Recipes

12 Best Easter Egg Recipes

When you think of the word Easter, what word follows after? Maybe it’s holiday or even bunny. But for some people, and for several of us at Recipe4Living, the word that comes to mind is: egg. Here are our favorite Easter egg recipes.

Easter eggs are a common part of the Easter celebration for many Christians. They are a symbol of new life or resurrection. Usually, the eggs are painted in an assortment of colors or designs. Some people even conduct Easter egg hunts for the children. But you can also incorporate Easter eggs into your Easter meal. Here are our favorite Easter egg recipes.

Easter Egg Candy - This is a sweet way to liven up your Easter dessert. Try these homemade candies!
Easter Egg Potatoes - These delicious potatoes feature fresh Gouda cheese, chives, and hard-boiled eggs.

Coconut Easter Eggs - Sweet, creamy and completely satisfying, it wouldn't be Easter without these eggs!

Cherry-Nut Easter Eggs
- These homemade eggs are filled with vanilla pudding, cherries and nuts!

Rice Krispie Eggs - A perfect Easter treat with peanut butter and lots of sugar!

Chocolate Caramel Easter Eggs - It's important to use an imported chocolate, such as Lindt or Callebaut, for this recipe. The high cocoa-butter content of the imported type produces chocolate eggs that are more flexible and easier to remove from the molds. You can make all the eggs out of white chocolate, all out of bitter-sweet chocolate or a few from each.

Easter Egg Spread - This creamy eggs salad is perfect for your Easter brunch.

Easter Nests - These adorable nests are completely edible and fabulously festive!

Marshmallow Easter Eggs - These sugary treats are coated in sugar for a special Easter dessert.

Potato Easter Eggs - These look better than they taste, but they are excellent when decorating for Easter.

Special Easter Eggs
- Starting with a sweet, butter base, this recipe creates a variety of egg-treats.

Crab Stuffed Deviled Eggs
- My mother made these one year for Easter and they were an instant hit. She had to make more because everyone devoured them in less than 5 minutes.

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