15 Budget Friendly Pork Recipes

15 Budget Friendly Pork Recipes

Things are tight these days and everyone is on a budget when it comes to dinner. But making the same chicken or beef dishes leaves your meals bland, boring and predictable. Pork is a great way to stretch your food dollars by allowing you to buy in bulk and freeze, or to use less-expensive cuts of meat.

With that in mind we've put together 15 tasty and budget-friendly pork recipes your family is sure to enjoy.

1. Pork Spieldini
This is a very simple dish to prepare with amazing flavor from the cayenne pepper, lemon juice and oregano.

2. Mexican Black Bean Stew
This is a stew that is very spicy and has lots of flavor. You can use pork tenderloin or pork butt.

3. Pork Chops a la Tomato
This is a deliciously flavorful dish that guests will love.

4. Pork and Pineapple Casserole
Pineapple, bacon and potatoes make this dish a full meal.

5. Pork and Squash Stew
This flavorful crockpot recipe is a great way to ring in the new fall season.

6. Pork with Spicy Peanut Sauce
This flavorful crockpot recipe is a great way to prepare pork.

7. Pork Chop Stew
A great combination of pork chops and vegetables all in one dish.

8. Pork Tacos
This is a great solution to tacos when you don't have the time to prep. The meat mixture cooks all day so you can have tacos when you walk in the door!

9. Pork Chop Casserole
You can always use a new pork recipe and this one really fits the bill.

10. Pork Skillet Supper
This is an easy meal-in-one pan.

11. Pork Steak Crock Pot Roast
Very tasty pot roast made with a cheaper cut of meat.

12. Pork Roast Barbecue
Your family will love this pork roast barbecue!

13. Over the Top Pork Stew
This pork stew is especially good on a cold winter day.

14. Posole
This is a Mexican stew/soup that has lots of flavor and spice subdued with gorgeous slices of avocado. Posole is considered a dish that brings good luck.

15. Roast on a Budget
Easily made, inexpensive and feeds the family twice. Servings depends on size of roast.

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