15 NEW Pasta Salad Recipes

15 NEW Pasta Salad Recipes

Pasta salad is a picnic and barbecue staple. What better way to celebrate summer than by cooking up some pasta salad for family dinners or even to bring with you to friendly get-togethers. It's such an easy dish to make, and everyone's always looking to try new recipes. With these 15 recipes, you'll never run out of fun, new variations to try!

Pecan Pasta Salad - A delightful luncheon salad, with pecans providing an added flavorsome texture.

Spelt & Buckwheat Gemelli Pasta Salad - Skip over white pasta! Spelt and buckwheat are so much healthier and they taste just as good!

Penne Pasta with Lemon and Basil - This pasta can be served warm or can be served cold as a basis for pasta salad.

Sweet and Sour Vegetable Spiral Pasta Salad - This pasta salad has an Asian flair to it.

Tuna Pasta Salad with Peas - This pasta salad was a hit with my family!

Pichi Pachi (Italian Spaghetti Salad) - If you enjoy authentic Italian food, then you must try this Italian spaghetti recipe! It's a cold version of spaghetti, with light dressing and cheese instead of marinara sauce!

Mixed Veggie Pasta Salad - This is the perfect summer side dish or lunch!

Pasta with Avocado and Lemon Sauce - This is a delightful appetizer pasta salad that can also be served as a main course. The avocado tastes amazing with the pasta.

Spiral Salad with Broccoli and Peanuts - The salad was delicious. The pasta had a mild flavor and tender, yet firm texture. The broccoli and peanuts were nice and crunchy.

Gazpacho Pasta Toss - This tasty pasta salad is filled with summery ingredients!

Kamut Ditalini and Bean Salad - This fresh salad is perfect for a potluck.

Oriental Pasta Salad - This dish brings a touch of Asia to your dinner table. It’s refreshing, fruity and exotic.

Tasty Tortellini Salad - This salad only contains 5 grams of fat!

Scallops and Pasta Salad - The scallops give this pasta salad a rich flavor that can't be beat!

Hearty Soybean and Cheddar Pasta Salad - This tasty soybean salad is high in protein and will keep you full for hours!

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