15 Protein-Rich Recipes!

15 Protein-Rich Recipes!

Are you a runner? A swimmer? A stay-at-home-mom? Chances are that you need a protein fix at some point during your day, whether it be at the crack of dawn or in the late afternoon hours. Protein is a vital nutrient that the body lives off of. Milk, eggs, meat and cheese have many of the amino acids we need to get through our day strong and healthy! Here are 15 ways to get that protein fix!

Incorporating protein into your diet should be a personal goal in addition to the weight loss it may provide down the line! Check out these protein fixes and see how you can implement a protein-rich diet at any meal and as snacks and beverages, too!

Protein Pancakes: Pancakes are a great choice and a smart way to start your day! These provide a lighter and healthier pancake option!

Muesli: This breakfast cereal is very high in protein  and can be served with a variety of fun toppings and mix-ins.

Homemade Protein Bars: Making your own granola bars is much easier than you may think! You get to select all the ingredients according to your own standards, needs, and taste. Try adding some of the protein boosters that follow the recipe. You may never make these the same way twice!

Potassium Power Smoothie:
This smoothie is packed with protein, fiber and vitamins. Its sweet and creamy blend of kiwifruit and bananas is a healthy way to revitalize  your diet. With only five minutes prep time, it is a quick meal replacement!

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili:
This quick chili is delicious and very filling! The addition of sweet potatoes makes it a unique and protein-rich dish!

Stewed Tofu with Corn and Tomatoes:
This easy meal will provide you with a healthy  helping of veggies and protein.

This classic Mediterranean staple is a great way to insert protein into your diet and although sometimes fried, this recipes bakes the falafel balls for an all-around healthier experience!

Cilantro Lime Chicken Medley:
This dish is rich in protein , easy to make and fun to eat!

Moroccan Lentil Salad: This salad is a quick, colorful and spicy protein-rich main entree salad or side dish.

Fajita Pot Pie: Frozen grilled chicken-style soy-protein patties offer the perfect non-breaded "chicken" patty option!

Super Chicken Casserole:
This flavorful casserole has protein, starch and vegetables all in one dish! It's a terrific weeknight dinner that has a tasty surprise ingredient - stuffing.

Curried Shrimp and Red Quinoa Salad
Quinoa is a nutrition  powerhouse. These pearly grains are considered a complete protein because they contain all 9 essential amino acids. Take a chance and add some quinoa to your plate today!

Dill Maple Glazed Carrots:
This is a simple w ay to incorporate the vitamins of carrots and equally satisfy your sweet tooth.  A perfect low-carb pairing for any protein dish!

Delectable Almond Muffins:
Made with splenda and whey protein  powder, these sugar-free muffins are a healthy choice.

Vanilla Yogurt Ice Cream:
This homemade ice cream recipe uses Greek yogurt . It is low in fat and extra creamy!


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