16 Chilling Halloween Drinks

16 Chilling Halloween Drinks

When you throw your annual Halloween party this year, don’t bore the guests with plain old punch. Creating a creepy cocktail or a bubbling brew will add to the atmosphere and your guests will be impressed! Here are our 16 favorite Halloween beverages that both kids and adults will enjoy!

Glycol Punch: This is a non-alcoholic punch that everyone will love; the eerie yellow-green color is absolutely ghastly.

Blood: Forget the garlic around your neck, serve this drink to all the vampires at your Halloween party.

Halloween Slime Punch: This is so good that you can even use it for birthdays and showers- without the bugs!

Dirty Bath Water: This is a fun drink to make for kids during Halloween – they'll be so grossed out they'll all want to try it!

Candy Corn Shooters: Put layers of vodka-flavored Jell-O in little glasses and garnish them with whipped cream, to be eaten with a spoon. Yum!

Witch’s Brew: To really get in the Halloween spirit, whip up a vat of this concoction. This is a great recipe for parties.

Ghostly Punch: Cool down the punch in a glass punch bowl with spectral hands. Make sure your punch bowl is large enough to float two or three. They're easy to make.

Nuclear Waste: This deliciously disgusting drink is not at all appetizing, but one sip and you'll be hooked! Try it at your next spooky party.

Vampire’s Champagne
: This would be fun for a ghoulish party, with glasses containing Sprite or sparkling cider, except hands will get sticky.

Scary “Goulade”: This "Goulade" really packs a punch when you float a frightening, ghostly blue hand in your serving bowl.

Black Mango Screwdriver
: Float black vodka on top of sweet mango nectar for a black and orange treat.  Once you mix the juice and vodka, it becomes a bizarre color of murky pea green. 

Eerie Witch’s Brew: A smoking cauldron of punch made with grapes and orange peel masquerading as eyeballs and worms.

Halloween Punch from Hell: An adult beverage for Halloween with a whole lot of "punch"!

Black Halloween Punch: As it is with any Halloween punch, a frozen 'hand' adds just the right spooky touch! The combined colors make a delightfully scary look!

Pumpkin Smoothies: Serve this decadent drink for a Halloween treat or as part of a Thanksgiving feast.

Wormy Swamp Punch: A frozen orange ice ring floats in a swampy sea of pineapple-flavored punch in this Halloween beverage recipe.

If you have a deliciously disgusting drink recipe to share, log in and enter it into our Ghoulishly Good Halloween Recipe Contest!

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