16 Delicious Do-It-Yourself Dressing Recipes

16 Delicious Do-It-Yourself Dressing Recipes

If you like dressing, it's much cheaper and tastier to make your own from scratch. Most dressings require only a few basic ingredients and then you'll have the perfect topper for any salad, meat or fish meal. Best of all, now you can experiment with all kinds of delicious dressings without having to purchase a big bottle!

Salad Dressing Mix - You can season pasta salads, chicken or turkey salads, tuna, or any salad with this mix.

Low-Fat Ranch Dressing - Make your own lower-fat version of ranch dressing right in your own home!

Bacon Dressing - This warm dressing is infused with bacon-y flavor!

Asian Sesame Dressing - Add some Asian flavor to your salad with this unique dressing.

Chef's Dressing - This simple dressing livens up any green salad and veggies.

French Dressing - You don't have to buy expensive salad dressing- make your own French dressing at home in no time!

Tahini Dressing - Make this Middle-Eastern flavored dressing for your next salad!

Blue Cheese Dressing - Try this delicious home-made recipe for blue cheese dressing next time you make a big salad.

Balsamic Dressing - This healthful dressing for any salad will help you watch your calories.

Caesar Salad Dressing Mix - Make your own Caesar salad dressing fresh, or give this mix for a gift idea.

Raspberry Dressing - Made with fat-free yogurt, this salad dressing is healthful and delicious.

Lemon-Mint Dressing - Try this light and refreshing dressing over spring greens or try it as a chicken or fish marinade.

Chili Lime Dressing - Spice up any salad with this exciting dressing.

Feta Thyme Dressing - This flavorful dressing is sure to replace your favorite bottled variety.

Celery Seed Dressing - This light, vinaigrette dressing is very good on salads, hamburger, and fruit.

Light Citrus Dressing - Try this orange and lemon dressing over a fresh spinach salad or julienned carrots.


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