20 Spicy Savvy Fork Recipes

20 Spicy Savvy Fork Recipes

We've got hundreds of great recipes right here on R4L, but sometimes we like to share the awesome recipes from our partners over on Savvy Fork! I complied my favorite spicy dishes for your next fiesta.

1) We're starting off with these sensationally spicy thai chicken skewers.

2) With a bite from sausage and kale, this lentil soup is perfectly spicy.

3) Ice cream on this list may confuse you, but this recipe has a little dash of saffron.

4) This orange chicken recipe is your chinese favorite, with the perfect balance of spicy and sweet.

5) This is a little web-ception, as this actually one of our recipes; but hey! This spicy summer pesto fits the bill!

6) I've got another thai dish for you that I just love!

7) With a little jalapeño, this guacamole made from edamame is the perfect chip dip.

8) I know people who go crazy over sriracha, and they would love these srirarcha-honey-glazed bacon-wrapped pineapples – do you?

9) This grilled corn has just a hint of chili, which is perfect for my senstive taste buds.

10) Nothing's quite as nice as fried vegetables: I give you avocado fries with garlic lime chili aioli. You're welcome.

11) This grilled mahi mahi is seasoned deliciously.

12) In case you haven't noticed, I love a good blance of spicy and sweet, because I can be a bit of a baby when it comes to something being too hot. That's why I love this strawberry-pineapple salsa for my chips.

13) Another chinese staple, here's some of PF Chang's Mongolian beef.

14) These Dan Dan noodles are loaded with a variety of spices.

15) I am craving some Indian food so hard right now, this paneer tikka masala looks legendary.

16) This is a great chip dip: Spicy Parmesan and Onion!

17) These chicken wings have a great mustard glaze and are accompanied by a sweet and sour dipping sauce.

18) I love everything about this recipe. Feta is one of my favorite cheeses, and I am super into zucchini preparations right now. And it's fried. Try these zucchini feta fritters!

19) There's a lot going on with these bison sliders, but they are well worth the effort.

20) This appetizer has everything you're looking for. On top of (my favorite) avocado, are some spicy prawns, making for one zesty crowd-pleaser.

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