20 Summer Main Courses from SavvyFork

20 Summer Main Courses from SavvyFork

I love the recipes that turn up on SavvyFork. They're always so unique and inventive. Here are my 20 favorite especially for the summer season.

1) Maybe this shouldn't be all you eat for dinner, but this Mac n Cheese Pizza is everything is should be.

2) I don't have nearly as much Indian cuisine as I'd like, so I'm having this real soon.

3) I love crock pot recipes. This recipe for carnitas is just right.

4) You can put ANYTHING in quesadillas, but most importantly, they're filled with cheese.

5) What a clever use for potato chips!?!? This oven-fried chicken is so unique and delicious.

6) I love breakfast for dinner, and this goat cheese quiche is right up my alley.

7) You can't go the whole summer without some good ol' pork chops.

8) This is a great use for any leftover meat you may have: smack between some buns and you've got a great Sweet N' Spicy sandwhich.

9) I went a long time in my life thinking I didn't like avocado, but as it turns out – I love it! I jump at any recipe that calls for it.

10) I'm always looking for a new pasta combination: spinach and mushroom? Okie dokie!

11) Use that summer squash in this Socca Pizza recipe!

12) Let's beef up that burger with something intersting! Hummus!

13) Let's go Irish tonight and load up some Corned Beef with Guinness!

14) I made orange chicken from scratch the other night, and it is SO GOOD.

15) Get youre bi-weekly fish portion in, with this delicious tilapia pasta.

16) And whaddya know, here's seafood portion no. 2: seared scallops.

17) Spice it up with some enchiladas.

18) Bite into a succulent shrimp accompanied by herbs and grilled sweet peppers.

19) How about some turkey-stuffed peppers with a lil' southwestern flair?

20) Last but not least, presenting an amazing cheesy garlic swiss chard pasta!

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