23 Ham Recipes to Please Every Palate!

23 Ham Recipes to Please Every Palate!

When it comes to ham recipes, Recipe4Living has the very best. We have all kinds of ham recipes; from glazed ham recipes to crockpot ham recipes to leftover ham recipes, we have compiled 23 ham recipes that your family will love! Try one tonight!

Baked Ham Recipes
These baked ham recipes are perfect for events like Easter dinner or a large family get-together!

Baked Ham with Orange-Raisin Sauce: This sweet sauce adds a wonderful flavor to your bake ham.

Baked Ham with Marlmalade-Horseradish Sauce: The mixture of orange juice, brown sugar and horseradish gives this ham a sweet flavor with a little bit of a bite.

Coke Ham: A delicious baked ham for anytime of year! You'll surprise everyone with this fabulous ham that has a delicious crust, and is basted in Coke! Don't be mistaken, it doesn't taste like a soft drink, and it's super easy to make.

Apricot Baked Ham: This apricot baked ham recipe is a great change in taste and appearance.

Chipotle Baked Ham: Cook the traditional Easter ham in a completely new way with this delicious preparation.

Glazed Ham Recipes
Ditch the boring ham and make some delicious glazed ham recipes.  The flavor will blow you away!

Baked Honey Ham: This makes a spicy ham glaze.  It is perfect for people who don't mind strongly spiced ham.

Baked Glazed Ham with Raisins: This simple ham recipe is so delicious with a sophisticated sweet taste from brandy, butter and white wine.

Baked Bourbon-Glazed Ham: Whole cloves, bourbon and oranges add a spicy-sweet flavor to this ham dish.

Cognac Glazed Ham: This recipe is great for a large family dinner or holiday. The cognac adds something special!

Bagged Orange-Glazed Ham: Cooking inside the bag helps trap juice and keep the ham moist.

Slow Cooker Ham Recipes
These crockpot ham recipes make cooking a breeze!

Cider Mill Ham: Brown sugar and apple juice make this a sticky-sweet, slow-cooking ham.

Corny Ham and Potato Scallop: Ham and potatoes slow-cook in festive cheddar cheese soup in this recipe.

Crockpot Honey Glazed Ham: This ham is easy to make, and great for a Sunday dinner or company. It has just the right amount and blend of spices with a luscious glaze.

Ham and Beans: Serve this slow-cooked dish with cornbread or fresh baked sweet rolls.

Old-Fashioned Black-Eyed Peas and Ham: The crockpot allowes you to have dinner ready every night without facing the temptation of take-out, and provides a great way to cook larger/tougher/cheaper cuts of meat so they would be tender and tasty.

Bean and Barley Soup with Ham: If you love hot bean soup on a cold winter's day, this is the soup for you. It's delicious and very filling.

Leftover Ham Recipes
Everyone has leftovers after they’ve cooked an entire ham for dinner.  Use the remaining scraps to whip up one of these leftover ham recipes!

Ham and Potato Soup: Make a hearty soup for lunch with leftover ham.

Ham and Cheese Pie: This is a recipe I threw together one afternoon to use up some leftover ham. It's definitely a comfort food!

Smithfield Ham Hash: This recipe would be great using leftover ham at any time of the year.

Ham and Cheese Spread: A good smoked ham works well with this, leftovers are great from a bone-in ham!

Side Splitting Split Pea Soup: Whenever there is a party and a spiral ham is served my family demands I make this soup. 

Ham Frittata: This is quick & easy. It's not only nice to have for breakfast but it can be mixed together the night before & baked in morning. Also good to have for a brunch.

Aegean Island Ham Sandwich: Ham with Mediterranean flavor creates a wonderful combination in this pita sandwich.

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