23 One-Pot Meals

23 One-Pot Meals

School is starting up again, stress is running high and you have no time to be creating a 4-course meal. We are here to help save the day with these magical one-pot meals. Take out your crockpot or cooker and let it do the work for you. These 23 dishes are easy peasy and sure to please all!

Try these delicious one pot recipes once and you will never turn back! They are quick to set and when you return home, the aroma will hit you the moment you walk in the door. You can take care of errands, the kids and all your other activities, including mom time, while your dinner is off and cooking!

One Pot Meatball and Gnocchi Soup: The combination of the herbs and red wine make for such a bountiful and refreshing dish. Opting for the turkey products is a very figure-friendly choice and using the lemon juice and zest in the meatballs also brings such a light zing to your mouth!

Crockpot Pork Chops: These fall right off the bone and have a lovely French Onion aroma!

One Pot Spinach Casserole:
A very tasty side dish and great for company!  This makes a 'pot full', and doesn't tie up your stove or oven.

Crockpot Easy Swiss Steak: This is a quick and easy recipe for all you steak and mushroom eaters!

Tofu Chili: Chickpeas, tofu and a touch of Tabasco! Yum!

One Pot Spaghetti
Use your pressure cooker to speed up the process and have your spaghetti ready in no time!

Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore:
Serve over angel hair pasta. Avanti!

Crockpot El Capitan's Shredded Beef Tacos: These slow-cooked tacos really take on the flavor of the spices.

Cabbage Casserole with Rice and Bacon: Quick, easy, tasty, filling!

Slow Cooker Vegetable Soup:
This is wonderful for the Fall. It tastes so good that you would never know that it is fat free. For a heartier non-vegetarian soup, add some browned hamburger or ground turkey.

Orangelicious Slow Cooked Pork ChopsWow! This recipe almost tastes like a take on teriyaki and sweet and sour pork combined. Serve with a side of plain white rice.

Slow Cooker Rosemary and Red Pepper ChickenIn Italy, dishes like this one are known as 'pollo alla contadina' or peasant-style chicken. Serve with fettuccine or linguine.

Black-Eyed Peas and Ham: The crockpot allowed me to have dinner ready every night without facing the temptation of take-out and provided a great way to cook larger cuts of meat so they would be super tender

One Pot Chicken and Gravy
This is a great crockpot recipe for anyone who loves the luxurious taste of cream of chicken soup!

Crockpot Mac and Cheese
: A family tradition that is full of flavor!

Easy Crockpot Steak Stirfry: This is very filling and is made even more hearty with a side of potatoes!

Marinated Gingersnap Sauerbraten: This rump roast marinates for up to six hours for maximum flavor and juiciness.

Crockpot Waldorf Astoria Stew: A famous stew worthy of that luxurious establishment.
Crockpot Chicken Fajita Corn Chowder Soup: This soup has a spicy fajita seasoning, dill weed, sharp cheddar cheese and bacon bits!

Slow Cooker Pea Chowder: A wonderful easy dinner that kids just love!

Slow Cooked Smothered BrisketShred this brisket and place between the halves of a fresh roll and you have a yummy sandwich!

One Pot Cheesy Chicken: This all-in-one dish makes tons of food to feed your whole crowd.

Crockpot Berry Cobbler:
This is a fantastic cobbler that you can make in your crock pot! You can also substitute blueberries in for the blackberries if preferred.

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