5 Easy Vegetarian Recipes For Meat Eaters

5 Easy Vegetarian Recipes For Meat Eaters

With interest in taking on a or on the (especially among the very conscious), it’s not unlikely that one of your next dinner guests could be on this herbivore eating regime. If divining a meatless main dish has you stumped, don’t stress! Read on for five easy or vegan that will please your -free and meat-loving guests.

Baked Eggplant with Red Bell Pepper Sauce: this baked eggplant is simple and absolutely delicious, with a wonderful mix of spices. However, converting this for your vegan friends might be a bit tricky. If you’d like to be adventurous and give this dish a vegan twist, replace the Parmesan cheese with a non-dairy, soy cheese and the Egg Beaters with a dairy-free substitute. Try out these two simple steps for a vegan egg substitute:  

1. Mix 1 tbsp ground flax seeds with 3 tbsp water 

  2. Let it sit for 5 minutes, until it turns into a viscous gel like egg whites 

Vegetarian Lasagna: Nothing is better than a warm, hearty dish of baked lasagna, and this vegetarian version is positively scrumptuous. 

Vegetarian Black Bean Nachos: Nothing is easier than making a big plate of awesome nachos. As an added bonus, this recipe is easily converted for your vegan friends: just replace the sour cream and shredded cheese with soy sour cream and soy cheese.

Sunset Stuffed Peppers: These bad boys are super easy to make and can really impress your guests. Like the previous recipes, these stuffed peppers can be made vegan by using soy cheese instead of dairy cheeses. Since this recipe does not use cheese until the very end, you can easily set aside a few stuffed peppers for your vegan friends and family to top with soy cheese and coat your other peppers in the regular cheeses of your choice.

Marinated Summer Vegetables: With summer in full swing, it’s time to take advantage of all of the wonderful produce that’s in season! Use this simple recipe for a vegetable marinade and then throw your delicious veggies on the grill. For fun, consider making vegetable kabobs and adding tofu for a bit of protein. The best part: this recipe is a real family and friends pleaser, no matter if they’re vegan or vegetarian! No ingredient replacing necessary.

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