6 Ways to Get Creative With Cereal

6 Ways to Get Creative With Cereal

Cereal is my morning meal of choice. Usually I am half awake as I open the box and blindly pour the sugary stuff into a bowl. I'm not ding myself any favors, because there are way better ways to eat cereal. Maybe I'll try one of these recipes when I'm actually awake one morning.

Quinoa Cereal Recipe: Start your day with a healthy breakfast by making this easy quinoa cereal.

Cinnamon Hot Cereal: This sugar-free morning dish, made with protein powder, will give you the energy you need.

Sweet Baked Cereal Mix: This quick and easy recipe uses boxed cereal to make a nutritious snack.

Strawberry and Sour Cream Cereal: Don't be scared by this recipe! It really is quite tasty!

Caramel Banana Cereal Pudding: This recipe is part pudding part breakfast casserole.

Awesome Muesli Recipe: This breakfast cereal is very high in protein and can be served with a variety of fun toppings and mix-ins.

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