7 Cool Coca-Cola® Recipes!

7 Cool Coca-Cola®  Recipes!

Believe it or not, cola makes an excellent marinade and dessert component! It has a interesting flavor profile that really pops (and fizzes!) when you combine it with these recipes, whether they are chicken, kielbasa or even brownies! Each is delicious and very unique. Your family will adore these special recipes!

Coca-Cola Chicken: This works great in a slow cooker on low for 6-8 hours. Great for appetizer wings; add Tabasco or red pepper if you like hot wings!

Coca-Cola Steak:
This is a unique recipe that calls for a Coca Cola marinade in this crock pot dish.

"Simple But Great" Pork Chops: Everyone begs for this recipe! Your family will adore it.

Coca Cola Roast:
The coca cola in this roast is a beef tenderizer and you can taste the coca cola in the juices. The juices can be made into gravy or spooned over mashed potatoes as is.

Coca-Cola Glazed Kielbasa:
An interesting way of using Coca Cola. You must check this recipe out; you can really taste the cola and the rosemary!

Coca-Cola Brownie Cake:
You might not think coke and brownies go together, but try this recipe and you'll see what an amazing combination they make!

Cola Cake:
Just add a few ingredients to a regular box of yellow cake mix and you'll have not only a very flavorful and moist cake, but also a great conversation piece.

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