7 Perfect Pressure Cooker Recipes!

7 Perfect Pressure Cooker Recipes!

Be sure to try these pressure cooker recipes, whether you love a hearty pot roast or a seasonal squash and apple meal. They will be sure to satisfy you as the months turn colder!

Mulligan Stew: Mulligan stew is a hearty recipe you will love!

Butternut Squash with Apple Soup:
The soup has the taste of every ingredient, attractive in appearance, and since trying it, it's a winter soup I make several times every year.

Mutton/Chicken Biryani: Don't overcook this delicious dish! This recipe shows you the perfect way to make it right every time!

Spaghetti & Crab a la Lorenzo: Blue crabs make this spaghetti dish sing.

Cornflake Potatoes: Gooey and creamy, this is a dish that satisfies all.

Beef Goulash Soup:
This beef soup is perfect for those chilly afternoons.

Easy Pot Roast:
This is a delicious and easy pot roast cooked in a pressure cooker. This recipe has been around for two generations!

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