7 Soothing Tea Recipes

7 Soothing Tea Recipes

Did you know you can make tea in the crockpot? Or that you can make a tea that tastes like sangria (that's my personal favorite)? Expand your tea horizons with these 7 recipes.

Sangria Tea: When you want that sangria taste without all the overnight waiting and extra work, this is a quick fix addition to iced tea that does the trick.

Cupid's Tea: This is a wonderful relaxing tea on a cold night for those who want to avoid the caffeine. This can also be done ahead of time in a crock pot and served at parties.

Autumn Tea: This tea is full of fall flavors like apple, cranberry and pumpkin.

Spiced Tea: Cinnamon, cloves, and citrus peel jazz up a cup of tea.

Lemongrass Tea: This tea smells great and lemongrass aids in digestion and certain kinds of muscle cramps.

Almond Tea: This refreshing fruity tea is the perfect summer sipper!

Pepita Tea: I bet you never thought you could make tea out of pumpkin seeds!

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