9 Craveable Chili Recipes!

9 Craveable Chili Recipes!

These chili recipes are bound to be requested time and time again as we push from Fall into Winter and through football season. Tackle these dishes before there is none left, from spicy chili to white chili - even a chili casserole dish!

Chili: A classic recipe that everyone will go gaga over! You can tell when it's done cause the smell will just waft through the house and all over the neighborhood.

White Chili:
This chili is white due to the chicken or turkey and great northern beans. For delicious fun, top it with sour cream!

Cincinnati Chili: Find out why the city is famous for its chili with this recipe.

Chili Casserole:
This chili casserole is a time saver! Make this in the morning, stick in refrigerator, bake after work or after a little league ball game. It's very filling and will warm you up on a cold night. This recipe won 1st place in a chili cook-off!

Chili's Southwest Chicken Chili: This is a great recipe for chili. You should make this on one of the cold winter days.

Chili in a Biscuit Bowl: This delicious chili is served in homemade biscuit bowls for an adorable, edible presentation!

Chili Blanco
For extra flavor and fun, top this chili with crushed colored tortilla chips!

Chili with Beans:
  A little bit of beer gives this crockpot chili an added flavor.

Slow-Cooked Chili: Lots of beans and tomatoes make this a hearty chili recipe. Cumin and chili powder ensure lots of flavor!

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