All About Fondue: A Brief History And Tips

All About Fondue: A Brief History And Tips

Want to learn more about making fondue at home to entertain your guests? Learn about the history and art of fondue making. You'd be surprised how it came to be and how easy it is to prepare.

Fondue, when people hear this word, they think of a fancy cocktail party in the 1970s. It’s time to bring back the fondue pots and entertain your guests with something elegant and classy. For the younger crowd that isn’t too familiar with the art of fondue, it’s time to get them out of the cupboard and clean off the dust. So here we present: All about Fondue: A Brief History and Tips.

Fondue had its beginnings in the 1800s during the long, cold winters of Switzerland, where many suffered icy separation from civilization and had to make do with leftover cheese and stale bread. To make these items more appetizing, they melted the cheese, adding wine and other flavorings, to make a dip for the hardened bread. Families and friends would gather around the steaming pot to stay warm, fondue became a communal meal.

Today, the cheeses that make up a fondue can involve anything from Velveeta to Fribourg vacherin. These can be combined with wine, cream, or any number of additions. Fondues also can consist of oils or broth for cooking the dipped item and melted chocolate for desserts. Depending on the mixture, foods from meats to marshmallows to mangoes may be dipped into the pot to make delicious bite-sized delights.

If you are invited to a fondue party, remember these vital tips of etiquette. First and foremost, do not double dip by returning a piece you have taken a bite out of to the pot for more sauce. Also, do not touch the fondue fork with your mouth, since it will go back into the communal pot. Both of these are considered impolite and unsanitary. So it goes without saying that you also never dip using your fingers. Meat that is cooked by dipping should be put on a plate before eating.

Follow these tips and you can fully enjoy the pleasures of a warm fondue party and avoid being a rude guest.

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