Back to School: Breakfast Recipes

Back to School: Breakfast Recipes

Don’t let your kid rush out of the house to make the bus without breakfast. His or her stomach will be growling all day long! Plus, it’s really unhealthy to skip breakfast. If they’re always running late in the morning, try one of the grab and go breakfasts. Or convince them to still a while, and make one of these delicious but still quick recipes.

1. Toasted Egg - It's quick, easy and tastes good. You get your toast and egg all together and only use one pan. 

2. Breakfast Pizza - This simple recipe will be an instant success! So easy to throw together and never a slice left. 

3. Scrambled Eggs and Tomatoes - Change up your normal scrambled egg breakfast with a few delicious tomatoes! 

4. Really Lemony French Toast - This is a favorite with my husband and my grandchildren. It has a wonderful zesty flavor, and looks scrumptious when cooked to a toasty brown. It is a little crisp around the edges. 

5. Fruit Muffins - Made with oat bran, soy, and egg substitute, these fruit muffins are super-healthy. 

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