Back to School: Lunch Recipes

Back to School: Lunch Recipes

Slowly but surely, summer is coming to a close. While some of us might be happy to get away from the humidity, the kids might not be as enthused since school is beginning. Now is the best time to get ready for the back to school rush with a ton of delicious lunches the kids can brown bag.

  1. Grilled Turkey Sandwiches - Grilled sandwiches that are sure to disappear from the lunchbox quickly. 
  2. Black Bean Tortilla Spirals - Whether for a yummy appetizer or a lunchbox staple, this one's a hit. 
  3. Becky's BLT Wraps - I use melted cheese on this wrap instead of mayonnaise to hold it all together. A good variation is to substitute taco meat and grilled onions for the bacon. 
  4. Baja Quesadillas - This classic Mexican dish is cheesy and oh-so delicious! 
  5. Fast and Easy Calzones - These calzones are a hit from young to old. They're great for packing lunch boxes. Served hot or cold, the flavors just melt in your mouth. 

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