Back to School: Snack Recipes

Back to School: Snack Recipes

It’s so easy for kids to spend they’re extra allowance on junk food during school lunch. Give them a tasty, but still nutritious, snack that they can munch on. We’re sure that these recipes are much healthier than a candy bar, but we bet that the kids will still enjoy it nonetheless.

1. Cheese Ball - This is a great recipe because it's so versatile. Try it for company during the holidays or stick it in the kids' lunchboxes with some crackers. 

2. Hot Crackers - These are so easy to make. I take them to school luncheons and rarely bring any home. 

3. Savory Pecans - This recipe provides a quick, tasty and healthy snack that's easy to take on-the-go! 

4. Eggplant Tostada Slices - These pizza-like slices will jazz up your appetizer menu with their delicious flavor and pretty presentation.  

5. Mushrooms with Blue Cheese - The blue cheese gives this dish an extra zing, and the kids will love it as a snack.

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