Best Easter Brunch Recipes

Best Easter Brunch Recipes

Easter brunch is one of the best meals of the year, right alongside Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. No need to fall back on traditional brunch fare because we have lots of tasty new brunch recipes for you and your family to enjoy. Mix and match any of the following recipes. The more food, the merrier the family!

Brunch Casserole - A quick and easy dish that will be on the table in no time!

Chocolate Brunch Waffles - Add some semi-sweet chocolate to your breakfast or bunch waffle mix to sweeten up the taste.

Easter Egg Spread - This creamy egg salad is perfect for your Easter brunch.

Honey Brunch Cake - A honey with a little bit of spice from the cloves and allspice.

Corned Beef Quiche - Perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Fruity Wine Spritzers - This makes a wonderful starter for an indulgent Sunday brunch.

Apple-Berry Brunch Bake - This one sounds fancy but it’s a snap to prepare for a crowd.

Cheesy Apple Bacon Brunch - Savor the flavor combination of cheese, apple and bacon in an easy egg bake.

Fruit Salad with Strawberry Dressing - Get a double-dose of fruity goodness with this homemade strawberry dressing.

Smithfield Ham Hash - This hash will be a great brunch side dish

Baked Peach Pancakes - This dish makes for a dramatic presentation. Take it right from the oven to the table, fill it with peaches and sour cream and serve with bacon or ham.

Easy Eggs Florentine - This high quality brunch recipe only requires three ingredients and tastes gourmet!



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