Cut out Caffeine! 5 Alternatives to Your Morning Coffee

Cut out Caffeine! 5 Alternatives to Your Morning Coffee

Most of us depend on the caffeine in our coffee to get us through tough mornings. But too much caffeine can be even tougher on your health. Kick-start your mornings with some of these coffee alternatives and wake-up techniques!

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Ugh, mornings. Sometimes even the lure of a freshly baked coffeecake or blueberry muffins can’t get me out of bed on the weekends. On weekday mornings, it feels like the only way I can get through is with 16 oz. of extra dark roast coffee. But even I realize that this kind of dependency is only heading toward disaster. With every shot of espresso in the morning, I may be increasing my risk for cardiovascular diseases, kidney stones and heightened anxiety later in life. With all this in mind, I’m cutting down on my cuppa Joe in the morning and coming up with some alternative morning drinks. By combining some of these wake-up techniques with a refreshing beverage, you can kick-start your morning the caffeine-free way!

Light up your morning with a light Iced Tea: How many of us have slammed down on the snooze button after being shocked awake by a beeping alarm clock? Loud, disruptive alarms often jerk us out of the middle of a sleep cycle, and leave us feeling fuzzy and irritable the rest of the morning. A clock like the Philips Natural Wake-up Light mimics the natural sunrise, gently increasing its light starting 15 minutes before the time you set to wake up. Continue this gentle morning theme by sipping Lemongrass and Mint Iced Tea in a place with plenty of natural light.

Juice up after your Morning Jog: Getting your body moving and your blood pumping is one of the best ways to invigorate yourself in the morning! Find a friend or family member who’d like to exercise with you and encourage each other to get over that morning hump. When you get back home, energize again with a delicious homemade Fruit Juice!

Combine your Cool Shower with Ice water: The tried and true cold shower is one of those guaranteed, if not pleasant, ways to wake up in the morning. Drop a couple cubes of ice into your glass of water in the morning to shock your body awake!

Enjoy a Hearty Breakfast with Milk: Breakfast is possibly the most important meal of the day. Think about it, probably been at least 10 hours since your body got any fuel, depending on when you ate dinner. Top off a tall glass of milk with your Big Country Breakfast Bake to fill up your stomach and fuel your brain for the rest of the day.

Turn up the Volume with a Fruit Smoothie: Turn on the radio and hold an impromptu dance party. Or pop in your earphones and jam through your morning routine with your favorite songs. When you get down to the kitchen, mix up some yogurt, skim milk and your favorite fruit for a delicious Breakfast Fruit Smoothie!

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