Delicious Fall Apple Recipes

Our Favorite Fall Apple Recipes

Fall is in the air! The are changing and you’re starting to something spiced perfectly to nibble on as you curl up by the fireplace. It’s time to fill your kitchen with the scents of cinnamon and of course apple. We’ve compiled our best apple for a collection of 10 that are sure to get your family’s mind off the chilly autumn breeze.


Apple Sugar Muffins: The secret ingredients in these scrumptious are corn flakes. They add another level of crunch that pairs perfectly with the apples. Topping off the treats with cinnamon and sugar will take them to a whole other level of sweetness that your taste buds will surly enjoy.

Apple Cinnamon Scones:
Few flavor combinations can capture the essence of fall like apple and cinnamon. These scones bring together these flavors for a snack that is perfectly crumbly and sweet. They are a great go-to breakfast idea and even pair well with a cup of afternoon hot tea.


Apple Cheddar Popovers: These popovers are an awesome alternative to dense cheddar biscuits. Adding apples is a nice autumn twist on the perfect combination of sweet and cheesy. They are light, flaky and simply .

Apple-Tortellini Salad: Switch things up a bit with an apple pasta salad as a side dish instead of a breadbasket. The apples give this tortellini salad a refreshing taste along with an interesting texture combination. It’s much sweeter with fresh strawberries and brown sugar than your traditional pasta salad but the cheese-filled pasta balances out the flavor.


Apple-Apricot Chops: Pork’s mild flavor lets the sweetness of the fruit shine through without overpowering the pork flavor. Chops and applesauce may be a classic combination, but this apple-apricot combination put a nice twist on the old favorite. Dried cranberries and brown sugar round out the flavor as well for a meal that is easy to toss in your crockpot.

Ham with Apple-Mustard Glaze:
Dijon mustard packs a punch for this dinner. The smoky ham balances out a vibrant blend of sweet apple jelly and tangy mustard.


Expert Caramel Apple Cheesecake: Everything is better when made into a cheesecake. Well, maybe not everything, but this twist on caramel apples certainly hits the spot! The crust adds a bit of crunch with graham crackers, walnuts and cinnamon while the filling is the perfect creamy consistency. 

Cinnamon Apple Crumb Cake: Classic autumn flavors of apple and cinnamon star once again in this fantastic dessert. The cake is moist and crumbly with a sweet apple center and cinnamon sugar crust. Greek yogurt is the secret ingredient offering a tangy/sweet addition to the batter.


Harvest Apple Drink: This is a quick and easy apple cider drink that your guests are sure to enjoy! The cinnamon sticks and cloves give depth to the cider with the perfect spice element.

Apple-Spiced Iced Tea: This is a great spin on iced tea when you are looking for the spice of apple cider without the heat. It is a flavorful combination of allspice, honey and apple juice that has a refreshing undertone.

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