Easy Halloween Recipes, Tips and Videos!

Easy Halloween Recipes, Tips and Videos!

Throwing a Halloween party this year? Try some of these easy Halloween recipes! From spooky cupcakes to ghostly drinks, Recipe4Living's easy Halloween recipes will help you throw a party full of tricks and treats!

Easy Halloween Recipes

Halloween Hands - These hands are so cute and they're not really scary so they are good for younger kids.

Halloween Slime Punch - This is so good, I even use it for birthdays and showers without the bugs.

Candied Apples for Halloween - This is a fun, seasonal recipe that the whole family can enjoy! If they are old enough to be careful, let the kids help dip the apples into the coating.

Halloween Fun Popcorn Crunch - Take a break from the candy bars for this fabulously different snack.

Halloween Truffles - This delicious chocolate Halloween treat is so much fun to make!

Spooky Delights - This "spooky" recipe was the winner of the Spook-tacular Halloween Recipes Contest!

Scary Eyeballs - Kids will squeal with delight at the sight of these eyeball treats from Shannon Blatchley of Ludlow, Massachusetts. They'll love the peanut butter flavor, too!

Ghostly Punch - Cool down the punch in a glass punchbowl with spectral hands. Make sure your punchbowl is large enough to float two or three. They're easy to make.

Creepy Cheeseballs - The only thing creepy about these cheeseballs is how incredible they taste.

Devil's Food Spider Cupcakes - These cupcakes are creepy, right down to their yellow jellybean eyes. Perfect for Halloween!

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Halloween and Halloween Recipe Tips

Prolonging the Life of a Carved Pumpkin After all of your effort carving that expert pumpkin, wouldn't you want it's lifespan to be at least through Halloween? Pumpkins shrivel up after losing moisture so slowing down the dehydration process and deterring the on-set of mold will help make them last longer. You can usually restore them back to their original condition by soaking them in water overnight.

Chocolate 1.Use a potato or vegetable parer to make chocolate curls for decorating cakes and pies. You can use bars of semi-sweet or bitter chocolate. The chocolate should be at room temperature or even very slightly warmer. You can adjust the thickness and length of the curls by the pressure of your strokes

2.To melt chocolate, chop fine. Place in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave, uncovered, at 100 percent power, stirring every 10 seconds.

3. Use self-sealing plastic bags to melt butter or chocolate in the microwave.

Easy Halloween Recipe Videos

Traditional Halloween Recipes - Kooky Cauldron Sundae

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