Eat Like the French

Eat Like the French

French cuisine has long been touted as some of the finest food in the world. France is known for its rich foods; nowhere else can you find such delicious pastries and creamy cheeses. So what exactly do the French eat, and how can we eat like them? Read more to learn about the their cuisine and to get some great recipes that you can try at home.

Every culture eats strange things, but the French have some delicacies that might make your stomach churn.  If you’ve got the guts, give these a try!

Escargot: Snails!  They’re often cooked in garlic butter, and you’ll need a special pair of tongs to hold the shell while you scoop these slimy creatures out.

Frog legs: Frog legs are often fried or breaded, and are usually served in garlic butter.

Foie gras: This is actually fattened duck or goose liver.  It can be served hot or cold, and is often paired with sweet fruit as an accompaniment. 

Do you ever go to a restaurant and get confused by the French words on the menu?  Here are some basics that you should know: 

Au jus: This literally translates to “with juice.”  It is usually describes when meat is served in its own juices.

Confit: Confit is a food that has been preserved in a specific way.  The food, usually meat, is salted, seasoned, cooked in its own fat, and then preserved.  Confit can stay good for several months.   

Consommé: Consomme is a type of rich, clarified soup broth.

Paté: This is a spread or paste that is made from minced ground meat and fat. 

Roulade: This word roughly translated to “roll,” as a roulade is made from rolled meat.  The meat is sliced, then rolled around some sort of filling (i.e. cheese or vegetables), then cooked or baked in wine or stock.

Terrine: A terrine is almost the same as a paté, but it usually uses chunkier or more coarsely chopped ingredients. 

Try these French recipes in your own home!

Classic French-Style Omelet

Wilted Cabbage Salad with Bacon


Low-Fat Coq au Vin

Baked Baguettes

Kitchen Garden Ratatouille

Cordon Bleu

Quick Butter Croissants

Steak au Poivre

Escargot in Cream Sauce

Chevre Souffle

Quiche Lorraine

Chicken Liver Paté

Beef Bourguignon

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