Edible Flowers: A Delicate Addition to Your Dish

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So you have heard of eating strange things before. The horror stories of people crunching on insects and that dreaded aged fruitcake from Fear Factor. But did you know that some flowers could be added to your meal for a surprisingly tasty twist?

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Get a little adventurous this summer and try these dainty flowers in your next meal:


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1. Marigolds – Try adding Marigold petals to a starch such as pasta or a rice dish. They also add a peppery punch to a light salad or over your morning breakfast of scrambled eggs. 


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2. Carnations – Try steeping the petals in wine or adding them to a glass of champagne or sparkling liquor for a touch of sweet flavor. These flowers are perfect for a colorful garnish to a vinaigrette salad perhaps accompanying some summer fruit like dried cherries and raspberries. Carnations are also fun to display on your next birthday cake for a sophisticated edible garnish.


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3. Dandelions – The buds of these flowers pack the best flavor punch for your dish. Try tossing them into your salad or adding them to a cup of tea for a subtle honey-like sweetness. You can also sprinkle the petals (which have a more tart flavor) over a starch like rice or pasta. 


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4. Daylily – While most lilies are dangerous to consume, this particular variety is full of flavor in more than just its petals. The slight nutty flavor of the petals, leaves and stems pairs nicely mixed in your next salad or starch. Try baking them into your next chicken dish for an interesting vegetable flavor. You can even eat the roots of this flower, which also hold a nutty flavoring that would be perfect as a substitute for granola over your cup of yogurt. 


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5. Pansies and Violets – Not only are they beautiful, they are edible. Violets or pansies add a subtle sweet taste and a perfume-like aroma to your next pasta salad or dessert dish. They can also be sprinkled over vanilla yogurt for a new twist on a bland favorite. 


Where to find them? Most of these flowers can be found in your local garden center store and are often found in organic food stores and farmers markets. You can even order them off of amazon.com. However, the best way to ensure that your flowers mature without pesticides would be to grow them for yourself! Just make sure not to go overboard; too many flowers can be hard to digest. Who knew you can eat more than just fruits and veggies form your garden?






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