Fabulous French Fries

french fries

French fries are a delicious side dish, afternoon treat or special occasion snack. And it is time to celebrate their crispy, fried and oh-so-good selves on July 14 for National French Fry Day!

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Don’t break out a cake to celebrate National French Fry Day. Instead try one of our eight french fry inspired dishes! From healthier baked fried, to zucchini fries and even a Chili Cheese “Fries” Casserole you can’t go wrong.

Try these out today!

Parmesan Fries: These low-fat fries topped with tasty parmesan will be a hit at around any dinner table.

Pizza Fries: The kids will love this dish. But who wouldn’t? Pizza plus fries is a sure to be winning combination.

Parsnip Fries: Never cooked with parsnips before? These healthy baked fries are a good recipe to try.

Zucchini Fries: trying to count calories? Try this fun fry idea.  Zucchinis don't crisp as much as normal fries, but they are still an amazing and delicious alternative to actual fries.

Sweet Potato Fries with Sage: Love sweet potatoes? Then this is the dish for you. Perfect for fall or a chilly night, the earthy sage and sweetness of the potato are a perfect pair.

Chili Cheese “Fries” Casserole
: Chili cheese fries are a ooey and gooey treat.  Try this in a casserole your family is sure to love. Don’t be surprised when they ask for seconds.

Baked Low-Fat Fries: These fries are baked. Meaning they use very little oil. And they're flavored with so many spices that they taste amazing.

Lemon Rosemary Fries: French fries may not be the healthiest snack, but a small serving of these thin and crispy fries isn't going to hurt. They're made with lemon salt, which completely changes the flavor and is nothing like the greasy fries you're used to eating.

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