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Recipe4Living's best recipe collections are now available for download absolutely free! Cookbooks are a major part of any kitchen, so why not add to your collection with our eCookbooks that you can download! We're always publishing new eCookbooks, so bookmark this page to check back often.

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General eCookBooks

Budget-Friendly Recipe eCookbook

At Recipe4Living, we understand the importance of cooking on a budget. That's why we have compiled this book of recipes that cut the cost without sacrificing flavor and nutrition. No recipe has more than 10 ingredients, most of which you'll find you already have in your house.

Cheesecake eCookbook

If you're craving cheesecake, this is the eCookbook for you. Tons of recipes for your favorite cheesecakes plus some new ones you may not have heard of. Try them all!

Creamy Casserole eCookbook

A casserole is often the perfect side dish or main course on a chilly day.  Their warm, creamy texture makes them fun to eat and super tasty!  We've compiled all the best casserole recipes in this eCookbook, including meaty casseroles, veggie casseroles, kid-friendly casseroles, and more!

Crockpot eCookbook 

We love recipes that are super-simple to make!  That's why we compiled this eCookbook full of recipes you can make in your crockpot!  Just set them, forget them, and dinner will be waiting for you at the end of the day.

Complete Chicken eCookbook NEW!

This cookbook is chock full of all the chicken recipes you'll ever need, from sweet and spicy chicken wings to healthy grilled chicken breasts to tasty chicken appetizers!  With over 100 recipes, this cookbook can be your #1 source for dinner ideas!

Delectable Dessert eCookbook

If you have a serious sweet tooth, then stop searching- this is the eCookbook for you!  You'll never get bored with these 100+ dessert recipes. From cupcakes and cookies to tortes and tarts, this eCookbook has it all!

Diet and Weight Loss eCookbook

The holidays are no help for those of us trying to lose weight. But now you can buckle down and change your eating habits with this free diet eCookbook put together by Recipe4Living. Full of healthy and tasty recipes, we hope it becomes your inspiration to eat right.

Fall Cooking eCookbook

Seasonal cooking can be lots of fun, especially with fall produce like squash, apples, pumpkins and more! Find out what's fresh in the fall and how to dazzle your dinner table.

Healthy Fish Recipes eCookbook

Pack in your Omega-3 Fatty Acids with healthy fish recipes that will please even the pickiest of eaters. Lots to choose from in this eCookbook and easily organized by fish type for your convenience.

Homemade Pizza eCookbook

Hang up the phone on the delivery guy because homemade pizza is too easy not to make! This eCookbook features quick and easy crusts, fun topping combinations and the best sauce recipe you'll ever find.

Party Recipes eCookbook NEW!

Throw the very best parties with Recipe4Living’s help!  In this eCookbook, you’ll find over 80 recipes that will make your guests go wild.  Wow them with tasty dips, fruity punch, and magnificent main courses!  No matter what kind of party you’re throwing or what holiday you’re celebrating, we have plenty of recipes for you.

Pork Chops eCookbook

The best thing about pork chops is how versatile they can be. Here's a cookbook full of all sorts of recipes to spruce up your pork chop dinners. From out of the ordinary to simple and delicious, this cookbook can be your one stop for pork chop recipes!

Recipe4Living Photo Contest Winners eCookbook

In this eCookbook you'll find 50+ recipes from our Recipe Photo Contest. Every single recipe has a picture, so you know you'll love it. It's a great variety of recipes that is a must-download!

Restaurant Copycat Recipes eCookbook

If you'd like to start making your favorite restaurant dishes right in the comfort of your own home, this is the eCookbook for you!  Here, you will find tons of easy copycat recipes from well-known restaurants such as Applebee's, Boston Market, Chili's, the Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, Panera Bread, and more!

Quick & Easy eCookbook 

Not everyone has hours to spend cooking dinner.  With work, kids, and other responsibilities, it can be hard to find any time to cook at all!  With these quick and easy recipes, however, even the busiest folks can find the time to make a delicious, home-cooked meal.

Spring eCookbook

Spring is a time for crisp veggies and succulent fruit, so why not make the most of these fresh ingredients and try a new recipe or two? You’ll find 111 tasty spring recipes in our free Spring eCookbook, so you’re bound to find plenty you’ll enjoy!

Stir Fry Recipes eCookbook

Add more veggies to your diet with these quick and easy stir fry recipes. This eCookbook includes ways to use different proteins and fun sauces to keep things interesting.

Summer Sipper eCookbook NEW!

Relaxing in the summer sunshine is a treat that everyone can enjoy, but it’s not much fun unless you have a cooling summer beverage in your hand! Download this eCookbook and get tons of recipes that are perfect for poolside sipping.

The Ultimate Grilling eCookbook

What's the best part about summertime for a chef? Grilling! Get all of our favorite grilling recipes in this handy eCookbook that you can download right now. Find all the best recipes for meats, sauces, sides and so much more!

Holiday eCookbooks

April Fools Day eCookbooks

Think you're a prankster? Download this eCookbook and get tons of recipes to trick the toughest taste buds. Fake-out recipes and tricky treats will fool everyone!

Christmas eCookbook

It's Christmas cookies GALORE in this favorite eCookbook. By far one of our most popular, it includes everything you could dream of cooking for Christmas.

Easter eCookbook

Plan a memorable holiday feast this year with all the goods: ham, lamb, and chocolate Easter eggs! This cookbook is filled with delicious springtime recipes that will help you prepare a tasty Easter meal.

Halloween eCookbook

Treat all the goblins and ghouls in your life and download the tricks that are up our sleeves! Find tons of kid-friendly Halloween recipes plus some adult Halloween favorites too!

Hanukkah eCookbook

It's time to spin the dreidle again, and you've come to the right place for all your Hanukkah recipes. Find classic latke, applesauce and jelly doughnut recipes, plus some new spins on old Hanukkah favorites.

Memorial Day Barbecue eCookbook

Memorial Day is a glorious occasion to have a barbecue and celebrate outdoors with those nearest and dearest to you. Make the food even better this year with some of our favorite recipes in this eCookbook, from barbecue meats and veggies to cold salads and patriotic desserts!

Super Bowl eCookbook

With over 100 Super Bowl recipes in this eCookbook, you're sure to please a crowd! You'll find recipes for wings, pizza, chili and so much more!

Thanksgiving eCookbook

Everyone knows Thanksgiving is all about food, so make yours especially unique with our one-of-a-kind collection of Thanksgiving recipes. You're sure to impress your friends and family with turkey, stuffing cranberry sauce and lots and lots of pie!

Valentine's Day eCookbook

This February 14th, seduce your sweetheart with this collection of romantic recipes! With aphrodisiacs like chocolate and oysters, this cookbook is full of great menu ideas for the big night!

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