Fry It Real Good: How To Make Delicious Fried Food

Fry It Real Good: How To Make Delicious Fried Food

From the traditional chicken, turkey legs, or mozzarella, to the sweet and crazy fried Twinkie or Oreo, or even macaroni and cheese, fried foods are a staple of the American diet. Although not the best or healthiest diet choice, fried foods have an important place in our food selections. By taking a few extra steps when frying your food, you can have the best fried food in your social circle that will leave people talking for months.

Use Fresh Cooking Oil

Although it can be tempting to reuse cooking oil, especially if you are frying a large batch of food, it is better not to. Using clean cooking oil will allow your food to fry better and also have a better taste. Using oil more than once can give it a lower smoking point, making it harder to cook with and worse on the taste buds. It can even make the food that you are frying even more unhealthy, as it breaks compounds down and turns them into trans fats.

Use a Good Pan

The type of pan you use to fry your food can also make a big difference in the quality and taste of your food. A good frying pan will be sturdy and heavy. Sturdy metal pans will conduct and distribute heat better than their counterparts. The way heat conducts is very important to the process of frying food. 

When it comes to frying food, follow these simple tips for better results. Whether you are cooking your grandmother's fried chicken recipe, or trying to duplicate the fried Twinkie you had at the county fair, using fresh cooking oil and a large sturdy pan will increase the quality of your food and its taste.

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