Fun with Food: Edible Art

Fun with Food: Edible Art

As kids, we were told not to play with our food. Luckily, these talented artists never took that saying to heart. If they did, we wouldn’t look at food the same. Literally.

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Jason Mecier crafted this portrait of Jerry Seinfield (American actor/stand-up comedian) using only breakfast cereals. As a mosaic portrait artist, Mecier also uses different mediums other than food, such as beans, yarn and junk items.

Kristen Cummings recreated one of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous paintings, Girl With a Pearl Earring, using thousands of Jelly Belly® candies. Cummings also boasts a fine collection of paintings involving an interesting mix of portraits, cyborgs, figures and abstract. 

To photographer and visual artist Dan Cretu, a vegetable or fruit possess more potential and use than a salad ingredient. With his impressive craftsmanship, Cretu artfully constructs everyday household items out of cucumbers, peppers and any other food worth showcasing. This edible camera is one of many sculptures in his growing gallery, which includes an orange peel sneaker and a pumpkin seed soccer ball.

Inspired to make a masterpiece of your own? Impress your guests with these edible art and reveal the inner artist in you. 

It’s summer time and the ocean waves are calling. Bring the beach to your home with these sand dollar cookies. They’re a great decoration and a tasty dessert as well.

With Father’s Day nearing, this watermelon bowl is a perfect centerpiece for a BBQ and a great way to present a refreshing fruit salad.  

At your next summer party, arrange a beautiful veggie platter with a clever way of serving your dip. Don’t forget to use vegetables of vibrant colors and various shapes.

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