Grilling Season Never Has To End With T-Fal's New OptiGrill

Grilling Season Will Never End Thanks To T-Fal's New OptiGrill

August is practically here, and the warm summer days are coming to an end. Don't worry, you don't have to give up grilling yet. T-Fal has a new product that will let you grill all year round. Keep reading to learn more about the OptiGrill.

Can you believe summer is coming to an end? That typically means we have to put our grills away and wait until the warm weather returns to enjoy good barbecued foods. Contrary to popular belief, that is no longer the case. Thanks to my friends over at T-Fal, there’s a new grill that you can use inside all year round. T-Fal’s OptiGrill is not your ordinary countertop grilling appliance. No, this unique and innovative design makes grilling incredibly easy. 

Personally, you’ll never catch me standing outside grilling. I just can’t ever tell when the food is actually cooked. This brings me to one of my favorite features on the OptiGrill. There’s a cooking level indicator on the it that displays the progress of whatever you’re cooking, and then it beeps when it’s done. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Another reason I don’t like to use the big grill outside is that it takes me away from my guests when I have family and friends over. With the OptiGrill, you can be preparing snacks or a meal while you’re chatting with everyone right in the kitchen.

Another added bonus is that this grill isn’t just meant for meat. You can cook everything from vegetables, fish, sandwiches, and even kabobs. If you’re thinking about buying this OptiGrill, I would definitely say to do it sooner than later. You can still enjoy the summer barbecue flavors throughout the month of August, and then you can transition your recipes on the OptiGrill for fall. My favorite hearty meal to make is a classic grilled cheese sandwich with a side of creamy tomato soup. For my grilled cheese sandwich I layer gouda, Cheddar, and asiago cheeses on a slice of fresh bread. Then I top the cheeses with thick cuts of hickory ham and then layer another slice of bread. Cook the sandwich on the OptiGrill, using the sandwich feature.

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