Help Me Scooba 450, You're My Only Hope

Help Me Scooba 450, You're My Only Hope

I've always been a sci-fi nerd. I used to have action figures from all the major franchises. Used to? Who am I kidding. Well, it's not like I still play with them. Anyway, I digress. My point is, the notion of robots fascinates me. Keep reading for my detailed review on the Irobot Scooba 450 floor washing robot!

In case you haven't noticed, food is also a passion of mine. Aside from not being able to bake, one of my other flaws is making a mess every time I cook. I always joke that it isn't cooking unless you're making a mess, that is until it's time to clean said mess.

That's where this little hygienic, robotic, and I daresay magical little angel comes in to save the day. Friends, meet the Scooba 450 from the folks at Irobot. I named mine R2D2, obviously (my Roomba is C3PO). It's pictured in it's drying station, which also charges the unit.

For my review, I chose to clean one of the dirtiest floors in my house. My office? What?! Not the kitchen? Game changer. My office is where I test all the cool products I get, so I make a mess on the hardwood as you might imagine. Also, that's where a certain little German named Onyx hangs out while I'm at work.

Anyway, this floor needed help so it made a great testing area. See?

I'm the kind of techie who refuses to read directions, many times to my detriment. So, this time it was the usual. I opened the box, threw the manuals to the side like wrapping paper at Christmas, and removed the beautiful little robot. You know what? Setup was so easy that I didn't need the manual.

After charging the robot overnight I was ready to go (yes, I did try to use it right away; no it was not charged). I used the included virtual wall at the entry way to prevent the Scooba from getting overzealous and trying to clean my entire main floor. The room is small, so I selected the "small room" setting; the small room setting will clean 150 square feet and the large room will clean 300 square feet.

Off the little one went, zooming around the room. I left some obstacles in its path for a few reasons. One was to see how it handled the course I'd created, and the second was to see if it got those items wet at all. As you can see below, R2D2 did swimmingly, or should I say moppingly?

The Scooba has to be used with the Irobot solution that's included. That's one small downside I saw, but each bottle only costs $12.95 and is good for quite awhile. You also have the option to use water. Since it's picking up all kinds of junk anyway, I went ahead and sprayed a light amount of disinfecting spray on the floor before it got started.

To put it simply, the Scooba does three things: it sweeps and pre-soaks to get any dust or crumbs and loosen set-in stains, then it scrubs and squeeqees, and finally does a last squeegee stage. See how clean my floors got? For being 61 years old, they look quite new.

Cleanup is a breeze, as the unit does a little dance and shakes itself like a dog at the end of its cleaning cycle. Then, all I have to do is use the handle to bring the unit to the sink, separate the tank, and empty out the dirty water (which is kept separate from the clean).

While the Scooba is pricey and won't replace a good hand-scrubbing, it's perfect for the cleaning-averse and mess-magnetic like me. Like those words? So do I, and I love the Scooba 450.

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