Herbivore Grilling: My Vegetarian Barbecue Favorites

Herbivore Grilling: My Vegetarian Barbecue Favorites

I eat plants. Well… plants, cheese, milk, yogurt, more cheese, pizza sauce, and eggs. But mainly plants. As a vegetarian, I thought one of the things I’d miss the most would be the summer barbecue. But being the savvy food editor that I am, I got resourceful and came up with ways to still enjoy a lazy weekend afternoon spent manning the grill. Keep reading for some of my favorite vegetarian products and ideas for fellow herbivores.

Here are some of my favorite vegetarian barbecue recipes:

Caprese Salad
Fruit Kabobs
Copycat Trader Joe’s Veggie Masala Burgers
Vegetarian Sausage Patties
Quinoa and Cucumber Salad
Spinach Salad with Fruit

My experience with “vegetarian options” at most barbecues is eating grilled onions, raw tomatoes, and sliced pickles meant for beef hamburgers. Occasionally, I’ll get to have some potato salad and raw carrots with ranch, too! How boring. Turns out, there are so many more options out there.

Gardein: Gardein may sound like some bizarre and exotic ingredient grown in a lab, but it is a combo of the words “garden protein.” It’s my favorite source for vegetarian protein, mainly because it has the texture of meat and is spot-on with the taste. Plus, they have several items that can be thrown on the grill, including their ultimate beefless burger, sliders, chick’n scallopini, and homestyle beefless tips (on a skewer). Move over, chicken breasts and beef patties, Gardein has entered the building.  

Halloumi Cheese: If you’ve never had halloumi cheese and are a vegetarian, you’re missing out. It’s a brined cheese made from goat and sheep milk, but what makes it great for grilling is that the melting point is really high. Because it lends itself to grilling so well, I love to marinate it the same way that I marinade meat. I’ve even tried marinating it in yogurt, grilling, and using it in place of paneer in Indian dishes.

Arctic Zero: This one goes out to all the dessert lovers. I feel like a lounge singer. But seriously, Artic Zero is awesome because it is monk fruit sweetened frozen dessert and only has 150 calories per pint. Per pint. PER PINT!!! This is the perfect summer dessert for people not looking to gain 40 pounds at one barbecue.

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