Holy Tomato! 5 Juicy Tomato Recipes


Ah Tomatoes. The food famous for bridging the gap between fruit and vegetables. The food that tastes just as delicious when cold as it does warm. The food that can be chopped, diced, pureed, and pasted. Let’s face it, do we really care what category they get lumped into? As long as we can enjoy their delightful flavor on our salads or with our pastas, we don’t care what you call them.

For all you tomato skeptics out there, our collection may change your mind. One the best things about tomatoes are their versatility. Sometimes we’ll use a tomato to add flavor or texture to another meal, other times we’ll design a whole meal around the mysterious fruit err vegetable. From some unconventional flavor combinations, to a unique take on your classic marinara sauce, here are some tomato recipes sure to knock your socks off. 

Sabrina's Homemade Tomato Sauce: Enjoy the comforts of homemade food with this Lipman recipe. Created by Sabrina Garibian of RhodeyGirl Tests


Oven-Dried Tomato Crustless Quiche: A delicious quiche recipe, shared with us by our friends at Lipman Produce! Use your oven to dry your own tomatoes and dice them up to make a healthy and hearty tomato quiche.


Carmelized Garden Jewels: Here's a delicious treat for the summer heat! Lipman Garden Jewel Tomatoes drizzled with olive oil, toasted with salt, sugar and pepper and topped with garlic and fresh thyme make the perfect appetizer. 


Candied Smoked Paprika Cherry Berries: When the summer gets hot, the tomatoes start to ripen! If you're looking for a tasty tomato appetizer at your next party, you've found it! 


Spicy Tomato and and Corn Chutney: A Lipman family favorite, this recipe brings out the sweet flavors of tomato and corn with spicy red chili flakes and fresh basil.


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